Our Mission is to:

- Teach, encourage and develop players of all ages and skill levels in the game of basketball; 

- Apply training techniques that develop endurance and basketball IQ, increase mental toughness, and build confidence;

- Instill a strong work ethic and the values necessary for each player to reach their full potential.

The LEAGUE ME Story.

From an early age, my love for basketball extended beyond my own aspirations, and was directed at my youngest two siblings who became my protégés.  It was through my passion for the game and desire to see them succeed, that I developed a unique training method that has impacted so many athletes of all levels and skill sets in the greater Phoenix area.  


Growing up, my parents instilled in me and my youngest two siblings the importance of family and taking care of one another. Our philosophy was and still is simple ... Family Over Everything (#FOE), where the unspoken rule was to uphold the following values:


- Walking in a spirit of excellence by trying our best in everything we do

- Doing the right thing regardless of who is watching

- Being each other's biggest fan (motivator)

- Being there for each other through life's victories and defeats  


As your Professional Developmental Skills Specialist, you can be sure I will uphold and instill these same family values of #FOE to all my students who come on board as my extended LEAGUE ME family.  


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