What You Can Expect.

It takes hard work and commitment to the process of developing your game to become the best athlete you can be.   LEAGUE ME is committed to that process, and will partner with you to achieve your goals.


LEAGUE ME provides high-intensity group or individual skills training aimed at developing endurance, basketball IQ, and instilling confidence on and off the court.  Our training techniques are unique from other conventional training methods, where the workouts are completely different, and so are the results.  Our Passion for the game, dedication and individual care for the athlete is experienced with each workout. 


Here are just some of the drills LEAGUE ME utilizes in a one-on-one or group session ( groups are purposely no more than ten individuals to ensure each athlete receives the attention they deserve):


- Shooting: Catch and Shoot/Off the Dribble

- Ball Handling: Beginner/Advanced

- In-Game Situations: Ball Screen/Coming off the Screens

- Speed & Agility

- One-on-one Moves

- Finishing at the Rim with Contact


LEAGUE ME ensures the fundamentals of basketball are mastered before moving on to more advanced skills.  The end result is a highly-customized workout geared to consistently push athletes past what they think they can do at a pace in keeping with their individual skill set and performance level.


While we desire to see the athlete(s) be successful at their game and reach elite status, we initially focus on what the athlete(s) can control.  We assess what reality is for each player and help them maximize their potential—raising their game to compete in a league all their own . . . #LEAGUE ME.


For more information on becoming part of the LEAGUE ME total training experience, please CONTACT US

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